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Rome 2 Total War Radious IA Mod PC 2022




From Mod DB: "A Game of Thrones has in its own way brought about the RvB mod. RvB, (Warpath, Radious, and Bloodsword) is a campaign focusing on the early Middle East with the Romans, Persians, and Samnites. The armies of Sparta are not included in this mod since I did not feel I could represent the Spartans well enough and my favourite faction was missing from this part of the world. A collaboration between Plague and I (Devs), who created the rest of the mod, the campaign was a lot of fun to work on since we had the chance to playtest and explore a new set of worlds." "The mod started as a simple Radious campaign with the aim of releasing it as a standalone mod. A friend of mine happened to play it, and he said that he enjoyed it a lot, so we decided to expand on it and release it to the public as a standalone mod. Which was when we got the idea to add the Samnites.". Upcoming mods: Titus II: The Empire, Mithras: Ruler of the World, Travia: The Aventine, Rome: Total War - Assassin's Creed Rome, Rome: Total War - Redwood Empires, Rome: Total War - Auriga,. Rome: Total War - Morpeth,. Rome: Total War - Barbarian Empires,. Rome: Total War - Augustus Caesar, Rome: Total War - Carthage, Rome: Total War - Gaius Marius, Rome: Total War - Hannibal and Hannibal: Rome's Greatest Enemy. Rome: Total War - Julius Caesar. Rome: Total War - Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Rome: Total War - Octavian, Rome: Total War - Pompeii, Rome: Total War - Rome: Total War - The Roman Republic, Rome: Total War - Roman Empire, Rome: Total War - Sparta. Rome: Total War: Ancient Campaigns. Rome: Total War: Attila Campaign. Rome: Total War: Attila Campaign - DVD (Seasons 1 & 2), Rome: Total War: Battaglia dei Popoli (Italy), Rome: Total War: Cappodocia Campaign. Rome: Total War: Crusades (Co-op), Rome: Total War: Crusades Campaign - DVD, Rome: Total War: Constantine Campaign. Rome: Total War: Dark Ages Campaign, Rome: Total War: Gothic Wars Campaign, Rome: Total War: Greece



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Rome 2 Total War Radious IA Mod PC 2022

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